BD139 NPN Bipolar Medium Power Transistor 80V 1.5A TO-126 Package

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Designed for use as Audio Amplifier and Drivers Utilizing
Complementary BD136, BD138, BD140

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BD139 is a type of electronic component that comes in two versions: NPN and PNP. When it’s doing its job, the amount of electric current flowing through the collector (IC) depends on the current going into the base (IB). If you change the base current, you’ll see a bigger change in the collector current, as long as the voltage between the collector and emitter (VCE) stays the same.


• Low saturation voltage

• Simple drive requirements

• High safe operating area

• For low-distortion complementary designs

• Easy to carry and handle

Detailed Specifications:-

Transistor Polarity NPN
Collector−Emitter Voltage (VCEO) 80V
Collector−Base Voltage (VCBO) 80V
Continuous Collector Current (Ic) 1.5A
Continuous Base Current (Ib) 0.5A
DC Current Gain (hFE) 40-250
Operating Temperature Range -65 – 150°C
Power Dissipation (Pd) 12.5W
Thermal Resistance (ΘJA) 100°C/W
Thermal Resistance (ΘJC) 10°C/W



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