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ESP32: Unleashing the Power of the Ultimate IoT Microcontroller!


ESP32 series modules are a series of low-power UART-WiFi chip modules based on Espressif’s ESP32 developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd., which can be easily developed for secondary development and access cloud services. Realize mobile phone 3/4G global control anytime, anywhere, and accelerate product prototype design.

ESP32 series module

The core processor of the ESP32 series module ESP32 integrates the industry-leading core processor of this module in a smaller package. The ESP32 has two built-in low-power Xtensa®32-bit LX6 MCUs. The main frequency supports 80 MHz, 160 MHz and 240 MHz. Support the secondary development of RTOS operating system, integrate Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA, and onboard antenna. Support standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n protocol, complete TCP/IP protocol stack and Bluetooth protocol stack. Users can use this module to add networking functions to existing equipment, or build an independent network controller.

ESP32 is a high-performance wireless SoC WiFi+Ble solution chip, which provides maximum practicability at the lowest cost and unlimited possibilities for Wi-Fi/Ble functions to be embedded in other systems.


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Note: You need to have the ESP32 add-on installed on the Arduino IDE. Follow one of the next tutorials to prepare your Arduino IDE to work with the ESP32, if you haven’t already.

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